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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today I'm angry about...creeping NHS privatisation

Yesterday the government announced another example of creeping NHS privatisation (or blatant NHS privatisation in this case) to little media attention.

The not-for-proifit company which manages the logistics for the whole of the NHS has been contracted to DHL in a 10 year deal worth £3.7bn a year.

What I don't understand is why a successful not-for-profit organisation that is highly motivated and effective (according to them) and award winning (according to someone else) needs to be sold.

The government hopes to save money through increased effeciency, but does it really expect to save £1 billion when DHL will be looking to extract a massive profit from this? It also claims DHL will save money through economies of scale, but I think this effect will be small when NHS logistics has the purchasing power for the whole of the NHS anyway.

What I'm even more astounded at is that this is supposed to be a time when the government is promoting not-for-profit organisations as running public services (something else I disagree with, but that's a different matter). So why, then, is it selling a shining example of something it is trying to promote?

This is just an attempt to line the profits of the already rich. We have lost another part of a valuable (soon-to-be-extinct) public service.


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