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Thursday, July 13, 2006

No internet! How did we live before it!

Our internet has gone from our house over the summer. I can still access it at work (hence this blog), but not being able to access it at home is such a massive shock! Who could have thought it would make such a difference to our lives. We almost had the TV removed too. Now that would have been too much!

So, just got back from Riga after a long weekend with Alicia. She had a bit of nightmare getting the Gatwick as her flight from Teesside was cancelled so she ended up having to get a coach down and arriving at 6am at the hotel by the airport we had booked. Not the the best beginning but we did get a business class upgrade on the way back (free champagne is a good thing) so it kind of made up for it. Riga is an excellent city and I would advise you all to visit it (but any longer than 4 days and it may get a bit boring). Also, listen to the Lonely Planet guide and visit the Garlic Themed restaurant! You will stink afterwards (probably from both ends) but it is worth it. The Garlic Tapas selection (including whole pickled garlic cloves, a whole roast garlic bulb, and the most garlicy mushrooms ever) is fantastic. For the adventerous there's also garlic vodka (with a whole clove in it) and garlic ice cream. Yum!


At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Juicy said...

Garlic Icecream? Garlic...and Icecream?

Next thing you'll be telling me is that they've put garlic on bread!


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