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Monday, August 07, 2006

Corporations are evil

After the Great British Beer Festival (where they ran out of beer, if you can believe that!), we had some time to kill on Sunday before our train so we decided to go to the Science Museum.

Firstly, the science museum's exhibits are pretty cool. Especially the basement section where you get to play with all the science toys (Andy Head was like a kid in a sweet shop!).

However, I did have a problem with the energy exhibition. Whilst they were trying to talk about renewable energy and reducing energy demand, I didn't think they made a solid enough argument for this. All the questions that they asked about energy use and how to fill demand led to the conclusion that we need to use more and more unrenewable sources of energy.

There wasn't enough talk about the effects of climate change and why the switch to renewables is imperative. It was kind of, 'Well, none of us really want to change our life style, so how are we going to deal with the problem?' Leading question there if ever I heard one.

Also, as Stu pointed out, on the game where you are the Prime Minister and you are responsible for planning methods of increasing energy production capacity, you couldn't win unless you built nuclear power stations.

Now, this fairly bad, you might all be thinking, but it becomes a lot worse when you realise the exhibition was sponsored by BP and BNFL. Was the position and tone of this exhibition coincidence with the sponsorship? Hmmm. I am a cynic aren't I?


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