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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another step towards NHS privatisation

Patricia Hewitt, UK Health Secretary, today addressed a labour-friendly think-tank and said that the only way to bring NHS reform was to include private companies. She refused to rule out any cap on private company involvement and advocated strongly for the privatisation of services, funded by the tax payer.

To me, this is simply mad. Privatisation of services is not the best way to provide patient care. All the examples of privatisation that we've seen so far (PFIs, out sourcing of services, privatisation of public bodies), have resulted in higher costs for worst services.

All the government is trying to do is reduce its costs, so it can give tax breaks to the really rich. At the same time, they'll be giving the contracts to said rich evil people, making them even richer.

It's time that the public start being realistic about this. Their health service is under threat. They will simply be screwed by private companies, treating health as a way to make a profit. We should not exploit people's health and well-being. I thought the welfare state was meant to move beyond profit to an egalitarian view of humanity and helping people. Obviously, a growing number of self-interested and powerful individuals feel otherwise.


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